You were my first friend in Canada.

You were the person who helped me to realise that I could make a foreign country my home. I arrived fresh off the plane, anxious and excited, at an apartment which I had only seen in iPhone photos and you were there, keys and “Congratulations on Your New Home!” card in hand. That meant – means – more to me than you will ever know. You taught me that the people are always more important than the place and that is something I will always remember.

You were never just a colleague, never just someone I worked with. You were always more and you will always be more; it’s simply in your nature to be more, to give more.

You were fair, you were kind, and you were there – through everything.

You know how to motivate people to be better; how to inspire them to improve and achieve what they thought they couldn’t.

Perhaps more importantly, you know how to chug a superhuman amount of cocktails, tequila and vodka without hitting a whitey (until the next morning, anyway).

I will miss hearing you sing one line of every terrible ‘80s song in existence from your desk in our office and I will miss Friday evening cocktails that turn into Friday night shots that turn into Saturday morning hangovers and “OH MY GOD” texts accompanied by lines upon lines of “there are no words for this” emojis.

Jenny is wise and knows what is important in life.
Jenny is wise and knows what is important in life.

I will miss your support, your guidance and your advice even though I know that you being in a different country will not change how generous you are in offering it. I will miss you constantly reminding me that I am valuable, that I am worthwhile and that I deserve good things.

I will miss you.

But I’m not sad (although I did spend the entire evening after you left sitting on my balcony eating chocolate ice cream, drinking whisky and sobbing while staring dolefully at the sunset).

I’m not sad because I know that whatever you do next will be just as brilliant and just as wonderful as you.

Thank you for everything.

Lots of love,


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